Gasbarro 2020

As creative director for Jeff’s 2020 campaign for town judge of Ossining New York, I produced a number of commercial spots helping Jeff unseat an 8-year incumbent judge. Jeff’s campaign started in February 2020, which presented a serious obstacle: how does a first time candidate run for a local office during an international pandemic? I’m very proud to say this campaign was a success and this experience has also widened my interest to work on more political projects.

The Room NY

A decade before James Franco won a Golden Globe impersonating Tommy, two friends and I began three years of midnight screenings of the world’s “worst,” “funniest,” and “least boring” movie of all time, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. Every screening was in a four-walled (rented) theater, which gave us freedom to do whatever we wanted, and it was a guarenteed party every month. Selling out 450 seats almost every month, we had a band playing along with the music, free plastic spoons, and each month I produced a 20 minute pre show of original short films, comedy sketches, and live stand up comedy. By the end we had worked with many of my favorite comics including three of my comedy heroes… David Wain, David Cross, and H Jon Benjamin. At the peak of it’s success, we sold out New York’s legendary Zeigfeld Theater, making The Room one of the last three movies to sell out the Zeigfeld’s 1200 seats before closing in 2016, the other two were both Star Wars.

Fake Banksy

In 2013, during his month long residency in New York, Banksy covertly set up a stall in the park selling original signed prints for $60 each. A week later, artists Dave Circirelli, Lance Pilgrim and I put together a viral video of us selling counterfeit Banksy prints, or “FAKE BANKY” prints, selling each one with a clear, legally notarized “Certificate of Inauthenticity.”